DIY Fairy Gardens and Terrariums: Imagination Unlimited

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The world we live in is a beautiful place filled with wonder and magic around every corner. Here at Pixie Greens, I, Danielle, strive to offer you a selection of functional art that honors that beauty through charmed creatures and enchanted plants. Living in San Diego, I have always been struck by the juxtaposition of mankind and nature and I’ve always kept an eye out for fairies, gnomes, and creatures of the earth. It is with great whimsy and a sense of playfulness I expanded my own personal passion into an environmentally ethical and sustainable company that offers a wide variety of fairy gardens, terrariums, and Buddhas. By selecting plants that require little care and minimal natural resources yet remain high yield in oxygen production, by using soy based inks over artificial pigments, and by avoiding nondegradable packaging in favor of Excelsior Wood shreds and gently upcycled clothing, I can combine my love of this earth with a passion for artistic development. I believe that our health and wellness is directly tied to the environment and we can make the conscious choice to either thrive or suffer. I want to rejuvenate our world by creating visually stunning designs that complement the natural world.

My terrariums and kits are designed for the person who not only appreciates nature, but who wants to preserve it as well through elevated art. When you purchase one of my terrariums, you are purchasing more than a knick-knack to add to your eclectic collection. You are purchasing the promise for a better future. You are helping lay the ground work for safer commerce, gentler alternatives to modern art, and renewing your own vows to beautify the world around you in a conscious manner. With every purchase, I vow to continue my sustainable business practices, commit to ending the poverty of others through education and literacy, and continue to donate to environmental NGOs (non-profits). These commitments can be seen in every aspect of my business and when I cannot directly lower my own carbon imprint, I purchase carbon offsets. In 2017, my goal is to donate 6% of my net sales to an environmental NGO that aims to lower CO2 levels to reduce the greenhouse effect. I also aim to find another organization that is creating new sources of energy or researching newer efforts in biomass fuel and energy. 

Together, we can make this planet better one day, and one terrarium, at a time because the magic of our world is real and our imagination is unlimited.

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